Tech gas blender

Trimix - Heliox - Nitrox

Tech Gas Blender is an advanced  Real  Gas Blending  Windows program for mixed gas diving calculations, based on the most accurate single gas and mixture models currently available. 


Tech Gas Blender is based on a scientific approach  that  provides theoretical criteria to calculate by partial pressure Oxygen - Helium - Nitrogen mixtures in any possible combination and gas sequence, without the need of  empirical adjustments like "Fudge Factors", "trials and errors" etc. 


Tech Gas Blender  uses a model based on the modified Benedict-Webb-Rubin and the Helmholtz equations of State for the thermodynamic properties of pure gas; the mixture calculations employ a model whith mixing rules applied to the Helmholtz energy of the mixture components. 


The objective in selecting these property calculation algorithms was to implement the most accurate models integrated with all the gas maths for advanced divers.


The accuracy of these formulae is reproduced in the diving range of pressures and temperatures (up to 300 bar and  0 -  80 °C temp) with negligible deviations in  density:


Pure gas uncertainties in density:


Helium 0.1%

Oxygen 0.1%

Nitrogen 0.02%


Introduction to Tech Gas Blender for Windows


Tech Gas Blender for Windows

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