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Partial pressure

The partial pressure method itself, from a logical point of view, is really simple and practical: measuring the amount of gases through their pressure, they are added step by step proportionally to the desired composition.


In other words, the assumption is a direct  pressure-quantity relationship.


Unfortunately it is not that simple; this is valid only with the Ideal Gas model.  


In a nutshell, from the process perspective, to successfully blend  a mixture by partial pressures we must focus on the management of three key points:

•  The temperature

•  The compressibility of each gas

•  The molecular interaction between different gases

Tech Gas Blender has this task: to act as an interpreter, making the amount of gases readable by the pressure property.


Of course there are other key components (outside the process - ex measuring instrument),  which are taken into account in the section "Errors in Blending".


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