Tech gas blender

Trimix - Heliox - Nitrox

GUI - Graphical User Interface

The goal of the application is to combine the management of the most advanced models of thermodynamics with fast and simple usability.


In other words, the software has to act as a layer between the computational complexity  and not cause any difficulties or problems for the user.


The software is, therefore, extremely powerful and configurable in depth , offering a high capacity for personalization.


The GUI (Graphical User Interface), however, is designed according to the concept of a workflow with a sequence of questions/answers making use of intuitive application.

The result is that the program , once correctly customized, follows the strategy “Only show what I need when I need it

The application is organized  into three categories of functionality:


•   Gas Blender - part dedicated to the mixtures calculations

•   Settings - part dedicated to the customization

•   Tools - a collection of useful apps for further information of various kinds


The interface has a standard which provides the following types of field color:


 White (it  may look different if you use Windows custom themes): input fields where the user can enter data


 Peach: fields not directly editable by the user, but which participate to the calculation (e.g. Nitrogen)


 Yellow: areas dedicated to results

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