Tech gas blender

Trimix - Heliox - Nitrox

Main functional features

The goal of the application is to combine the management of the most advanced models of thermodynamics with fast and simple usability.


In other words, the software has to act as a layer between the computational complexity and not cause any difficulties or problems for the user.


The software is, therefore, extremely powerful and configurable in depth, offering a high capacity for personalization.


The interface, however, is designed according to the concept of a workflow with a sequence of questions/answers making use of intuitive application.


For more details see also Blending -  Tech Gas Blender: the project


This is an extended version with advanced tools and features for  technical mixture blending:

Increased productivity:


•   Favorite mixtures

•   Favorite cylinders


You can customize both mixtures and cylinders, so as to reduce the set of possible alternatives to those which are used frequently.


In fact, you can remove the default mixtures and cylinders and create new ones, the result is that with one click you can choose what you want without the hassle of too much useless information.


•   Advanced Real Gas model - High precision calculations of every mixture: algorithm based on the most accurate thermodynamic models - stop dealing with 'Fudge Factors’

•   Innovative features:

•  alternative to current mix venting

•  progressive top-off

•  what if analysis

•  standard partial pressure

•  continuous flow

•  pre-mixed bank mix (any mix)

  (For more details see Products - Windows - Gas Blender and Tools)

•   Powerful and simple: step by step workflow 'Only show what I need when I need it' (see "Products - Windows - GUI - Graphical User Interface")

•   Highly-Customizable

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