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This is an easy to use, feature-rich section for Mixed Gas Fills created for professionals:



Technical Diving Centers and Technical Training Agencies



This section offers many features that help and improve the management of your mixture refill service.




Mixture consignment



In this section you can manage the mixture refill service and the consignment process.


The calculation routines are the same as the Tech Mixtures Blender section, so the EOS model (Real Gas/Ideal Gas) is taken into account.


When the mixture is sold to the end user, the gas prices are considered "retail prices", and they are not linked to the "Settings - Gas prices" section, where the costs are the purchase prices for the Diving/Training Organization.


You can also choose the pricing logic according to the current mix pressure: with initial pressure below a certain value (that can be set), the price of the total content is charged.


You can also include a fixed price per fill, independently of the pressures and the content.


The diver's name and certifications are added to the items list box while using the software.


The procedure stays the same  for the blending operator. In case you need to delete a name, select it and simply press the "Canc" button.


By pressing the "Print" button the consignment agreement form is printed, and then completed with the customer's signature for acknowledgement and agreement of all accepted items.


Each mixture has a specific field to be signed as "Analysed and checked by the customer".


This form has a fully customizable options page, in the section "Tools, Technical Diving Centers and Technical Training Agencies, Consignment agreement print options"





Your logo and brand



Here you can set the name and import the logo of your Diving Center/Training Agency which will be printed on the mixture refill form.


Once loaded successfully the image of your logo can be saved.





Consignment agreement print options




Some details can be customized in depth: you can set the pressure to calculate the MOD and the values "lower than ..." of CO (Carbon monoxide) and CO2 (Carbon dioxide)  

In this section you can set all the details you need in the consignment form.


A specific field is available for your legal disclaimer.


The first time this application runs, a simple text example will be loaded, which will then be overwritten with your specific terms and conditions.

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