Tech gas blender

Trimix - Heliox - Nitrox


Air, when needed, is always the final gas of the sequence.  



Argon introduced with Air is considered negligible. Air, excluding the trace gases, is composed of 78.12% Nitrogen, 20.96% Oxygen and 0.92% Argon. Instead, the software assumption is that   Air is composed of 20.9 Oxygen and 79.1 % Nitrogen.


Gas purity

Oxygen and Helium are considered 100% pure gas.



Nitrogen is considered unmanageable as a single gas. This option is considered unrealistic and meaningless in real life. Nitrogen is therefore considered only as the fraction 0.791 of  Air or the Nitrogen fraction in the  EANx/Trimix used. In case the addition of  Air or EANx/Trimix (as a consequence of the requested Nitrogen)  introduces Oxygen in excess, the target mix is considered impossible and the user is informed with a specific warning.


Current mix venting

In case the current mix has to be vented in order to get the target mix, the user is informed with a specific warning about the pressure and the gas which causes the necessity of draining.


Decimal places

In some parts of the software, the number of decimals could be limited depending on the current display; don't worry, it isn't a bug.



The temperature range is - 20 °C to + 80 °C



The maximum target pressure is 350 bar gauge.


Wrong password.